Sandeep Tandon is the founder of Quant Mutual Fund. He is in controversy after the news of the company’s fraudulent activities went viral. What did Quant Mutual Fund do? The Quant Mutual Fund provides services related to mutual fund management based on strategic planning. According to SEBI, the company is involved in some fraudulent and illegal activity. What is the truth behind the alleged fraud? Who is Sandeep Tandon? Did he work in other companies as well?

Sandeep Tandon Quant Mutual Fund

Who Is Sandeep Tandon?

Sandeep Tandon is the founder of Quant Mutual Fund. The company that SEBI claims to have an involvement in front running. Sandeep Tandon has an established work profile and background. He worked as Vice-president at ICICI Securities. Sandeep was also a part of Economic Times. Apart from that, Sandeep was also a part of the core team of IDBI Asset Management. He has years of expertise in his field. Being in a finance background, Sandeep understands the basics of advanced finance.

What Is Front Running And How Quant Mutual Fund Relates To It?

Sandeep Tandon’s company Quant Group also works for Mutual Funds services. According to the details, Quant Mutual Funds uses the techniques of the front running. Under this technique, the fund manager or the share broker already has details about the orders of the investors. They use this information to get details about the market’s position and upward or downward movement. Thus, due to having the information already, they get ease in knowing the exact movement of the market.

Front Running helps them get the data in advance related to the orders of the investors. There are no clear details on how they obtained this data. However, the practice is completely illegal. It is not fair in the eyes of the SEBI. Thus, Quant Mutual Fund is said to be using this same technique. SEBI will conduct an investigation. A raid took place in the office in Mumbai and Hyderabad on 21 June 2024, Friday.

They use a proxy account to take advantage of the data and play in the market Thus, they can claim to provide larger profits or sureshort high profits to their customers with already knowing the orders in the share market. There are several ways the companies use this data. However, SEBI is strictly against it. SEBI will take strict action if anything misleading is found in the raid and the investigation. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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