EaseMyTrip invested money into a business by the name Etrav Tech Ltd. A total amount of $3.9 million has been invested. We will share details about EaseMyTrip investment and its further benefit to the company below. The company invested after looking at the impressive network of the company. If we talk about Etrav Tech’s background, the company deals in different things. Getting its most business from the sale of air tickets, the company deals in hotel bookings, holiday packaging, visa services, travel insurance, and car rentals as well.

Why Everyone Is Focusing On EaseMyTrip?

EaseMyTrip Invests $3.9 Million In Etrav Tech Ltd.

Ease My Trip invests around $3.9 million in Etrav Tech Ltd. The company deals in multiple operations starting from air tickets to car rentals, holiday packaging, and visa services. The company has gathered 40,000+ travel agents, 600+ distributors, and 700+ APIs. Thus, this huge network can contribute to EaseMyTrip’s further expansion in B2B travel as well.

Etrav is looking for further expansion in countries outside India. These include Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam. The company is looking forward to further growth. With EaseMyTrip’s investment of Rs. 33 Crores or $3.9 million, the company is planning for its further expansion internationally. There has been a curiosity among the readers to know more about the plans behind this investment.

Etrav already decided to distribute the investment of $3.9 million and use it in several ways. First of all, the company will utilize the funding to increase the technological infrastructure. Etrav and other traveling apps use technology as a main ingredient to reach their target audience and the business. The company will benefit from taking its business internationally. The use of advanced technology will bring more users to the website.

Apart from that, the money will also be utilized for expansion to other countries. EaseMyTrip is also making a good revenue as of now. The company has a share price of Rs. 43.90 per share. It is moving down by 1.24%. However, the market opened at Rs. 43.75 and closed at around Rs. 43.90. It is less than the previous close of Rs. 44.45.

EaseMyTrip has a market cap of Rs. 7.78 Thousand Crore. There is a 52-week low of Rs. 37 and a 52-week high of Rs. 54. The dividend yield is 0.23%. We hope you get enough details about EaseMyTrip’s new investment below. The company is going to channel the contacts from Etrav Tech for something beneficial. We hope you get enough details about EaseMyTrip and Etrav Tech below. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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