The leading telecom operator and Mukesh Ambani-owned company Reliance Jio has urged the central government to completely shut down the 2G and 3G network services in the country. The company commented on this suggestion in the latest consulting paper titled ‘Digital Transformation through 5G Ecosystem’ by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Let’s unveil all the details below and know why the company has suggested this action to the central government.

Will 2G, 3G networks completely shut down in the country? Reliance Jio urges Govt

In a recent consulting paper by TRAI the Indian telecom operator has given their suggestion to the central government to shut down the 2G and 3G network services in the country. Reliance Jio commented on this suggestion because of the extra cost of migration and maintenance of 2G and 3G towers which brings unnecessary expense for the company.

Currently, there are a lot of population who use 2G and 3G networks mobile phones because of the higher price of 4G and 5G smartphones. The telecom operator suggested that the government should give subsidies to lower-income groups, so they can switch to the 4G and 5G smartphones easily. Also, it will help achieve the country’s Digital Transformation goal.

Another Indian telecom operator Vodafone Idea also commented in response to this ‘Digital Transformation through 5G Ecosystem’ paper by TRAI. The company said that owning a 4G or 5G smartphone is a challenge for the lower-income group.

These companies suggested that TRAI completely shut down the 2G and 3G services, so they can avoid the extra cost of maintenance. Also, after the unavailability of 2G and 3G network services, users eventually shifted to the latest technology 4G and 5G networks. However, as per our thinking, this action may create problems for those people who are not capable of using advanced technology smartphones. We are in 2024 and still, there is a mass population who use keypad phones likely labour class and old age citizens.

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