Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2024 is in the highlights. Several women received these awards. It is a moment of celebration for the women empowerers. These personalities are examples of people where women are the change makers. They are also the ones who influence the world equally as men do. Let us explore more about these top women public personalities, who received an award in Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2024. The women are celebrating the moment of joy and excellence for such achievements.

Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2024

Women Entrepreneurs Awards 2024

Following are some of the women entrepreneurs and change makers who received the Women Entrepreneur Awards 2024:

  1. Ghazal Alagh: She is the founder of the skincare and hair care brand, Mama Earth. Ghazal receives the award on Wednesday in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  2. Meher Pudumjee: She is the chairperson of Termax. She got the award for sustainability.
  3. Deepika Padukone: Deepika is an Indian Bollywood actress. She receives the award for promoting mental health care. Deepika has shared her depression story many times in the public.
  4. Roshini Nadar Malhotra: She receives the award of legacy entrepreneur at the event. She received the award as she continued her father’s business quite well.
  5. Swati Piramal: Swati is an Indian Scientist and Industrialist. She receives the award of a lifetime achiever in the event.
  6. Ananya Birla: She is a songwriter and singer. Ananya receives an award for being the newsmaker of the Year.
  7. Renuka Ramnath: She is the CEO of Multiples Asset Management. Renuka gets the Women Entrepreneur Award 2024 for her work in Finance and Venture Capital Space.
  8. Meena Ganesh: She is the chairperson and non-executive director of Portea. Meena gets the Women Entrepreneur 2024 event awards for her work in the health and wellness sector.
  9. Dr Indu Shahani: She is the president of ATLAS SkillTech University. Hence, she contributed a lot to the education. Her efforts in the sector get appreciation from the people through this special award.
  10. Laila Tyabji: She is among the top women who are actively involved in promoting the arts and culture in the country. She was honored with the Women Entrepreneur Awards 2024 at the event.
  11. Jyotsna Suri: She has worked in the promotion of travel and hospitality sector. Her major project is The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. She is the Chairperson & Managing Director of the group and is honored for her entrepreneurial skills.

There were several male personalities present there. One of them was Gaur Gopal Das as well. He appreciates the presence of women around us who broke their boundaries to fly.

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