ZebPay, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is making waves in the crypto world once again with its latest venture. The company is set to launch a ChatGPT-like crypto advisory platform, aiming to provide users with real-time insights, analysis, and personalized recommendations. This move signals ZebPay’s determination to reclaim its lost glory and solidify its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. In this article, we delve into ZebPay’s new initiative and explore the potential implications for the exchange.


ZebPay is Building a ChatGPT-Like Crypto Advisory Platform

ZebPay initially emerged as a trailblazer in the Indian cryptocurrency market, offering a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and storing digital assets. It gained popularity due to its intuitive interface, robust security measures, and extensive range of supported cryptocurrencies. However, regulatory uncertainties and the Reserve Bank of India’s banking ban on cryptocurrency transactions dealt a significant blow to ZebPay and other exchanges operating in the country.

In 2018, ZebPay was forced to halt its operations in India, leaving thousands of users in limbo. The company subsequently shifted its focus to international markets, relaunching its services in countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Malta. While this move helped ZebPay to sustain its operations, it struggled to regain the prominence it once held in the Indian crypto landscape.

Reviving the Glory with a New Approach

Recognizing the evolving needs of crypto enthusiasts and investors, ZebPay has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to redefine its offerings. The forthcoming launch of a ChatGPT-like crypto advisory platform demonstrates the exchange’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

The new platform will leverage the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide personalized advice and insights to users. Similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 architecture, ZebPay’s ChatGPT-like model will be trained on a vast dataset of historical market data, news articles, and user interactions. This training will enable the platform to offer real-time analysis of market trends, price movements, and potential investment opportunities.

The Advantages of the ChatGPT-like Platform

ZebPay’s foray into the realm of AI-powered advisory services brings several advantages to the table. Firstly, it eliminates the knowledge gap for both novice and experienced traders, providing them with instant access to valuable market insights and strategies. This democratization of information can empower users to make informed decisions, mitigating the risks associated with speculative trading.

Furthermore, the ChatGPT-like platform has the potential to foster a vibrant and engaged community of crypto enthusiasts. Users can interact with the AI-powered system, seeking answers to their queries, discussing market trends, and even sharing their investment strategies. This collaborative environment can nurture knowledge sharing and enable users to learn from each other’s experiences.

The Road to Redemption

While ZebPay’s new venture holds immense promise, the exchange faces several challenges in its quest to regain its lost glory. Rebuilding trust among Indian users, who were previously affected by the banking ban, will be a crucial hurdle. ZebPay needs to assure users that their funds are secure and that the platform adheres to regulatory frameworks to prevent a recurrence of past issues.

Additionally, as the crypto industry becomes increasingly competitive, ZebPay must differentiate itself from other exchanges and advisory platforms. Ensuring that the ChatGPT-like platform delivers accurate and timely advice will be paramount in gaining users’ trust and loyalty.


ZebPay’s decision to develop a ChatGPT-like crypto advisory platform demonstrates its determination to reclaim its position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency space. By leveraging AI and NLP technologies, the exchange aims to provide users with personalized insights

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