Fintech company Zeta is becoming a place for linking credit for the banks. The service will allow its users to use the pre-approved credit as a service product. We will share details about the Fintech Company Zeta’s UPI-linked credit-as-a-service below. The company is currently focussing on providing its services to the banks. Let us have a look at the Fintech company’s new services below. Bhavin Turakhia and Ramki Gaddipati are the founders of the company.

Zeta Success Story

Fintech Company Zeta Will Introduce Credit-As-A-Service For Banks

Zeta is a prominent fintech company. It is launching a service that represents the recent announcement by RBI. We saw that the Reserve Bank Of India 2023 introduced UPI-linked credit-as-a-service. It is especially for the banks at the moment. The Reserve Bank Of India’s new service will be helpful for companies in reducing of cost of financial services. Thus, the users will be able to utilize the pre-approved credits through their UPI-linked accounts.

Zeta started in 2015. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bhavin Turakhiaand Ramki Turakhia started the company with full enthusiasm. The company has been recognized its several honors. Fintech is a segment that is expecting continuous growth over some time. The innovations are taking the country to another level. Thus, the company is also working hard to bridge the gap.

As per the company, there is a major issue that banks face. They are not able to distribute loans properly to the consumers even after having pre-approved credit for a lot of people. The company spent a good amount of money on building Zeta successfully. Thus, it has a total sent of $360 million. Thus, they tried to provide the best version to the consumers.

Zeta is not expecting any profit from the company yet. They have considered 3 years for the company to start making any revenue. They will turn profitable afterward. Thus, they are preparing sources for it already. The service will be helpful to many consumers in choosing the amount of loan they want.

The company successfully expanded to countries like Dubai, the UK, North America, Latin America, and Europe. They are planning to strengthen their roots further in each country and continent. We hope you get enough details about unicorn company Zeta and its UPI-linked credit-as-a-service above. The company believes in giving full efforts to work before asking for the results. We will share details about its performance soon. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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