Zetwerk will work with Indian Oil to set up EV Charges across India. The company accepted the project to meet the rising demand for EV vehicles in the country. Electric Vehicles and Solar energy are the future of the world. Thus, the company secures the order and will soon begin the work. As we all know, Zetwerk deals in the production of fabricated metal products. Let us look at more details about Zetwerk’s upcoming project below.


Zetwerk Will Be Working With Indian Oil to Setup 1,400 Fast Charges In The Country

Zetwerk secures an order with Indian Oil Corporation Limited for 1,400 fast chargers. The company makes the best products of its time to meet the consumer’s requirements. Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the top petroleum and diesel distributor in the country. Thus, they are taking the first mover advantage to provide electric charging facilities to support all EV users. Indian Oil will begin with 1,400 fast EV charging installations. There will be 6,000 charges in total. Only 1,400 will be fast charges.

Indian Oil will decide the locations and needs of these charges in the cities. Thus, EV chargers will be deployed afterward. These chargers will help in charging the vehicle immediately. As we are seeing the trend for electric vehicles is increasing continuously. Thus, we must have a look at this amazing deal. Zetwerk Bags an order from the Indian Oil recently. It is among the largest projects in the country in the sector. The chargers will have a capacity of 50-60 kW to 100-120 kW. It will be able to provide charging facilities to a lot of electric vehicles.

Indian Oil took the initiative with proper planning. The big cities and metro areas will be considered first for the setup. The remaining cities will have their expansion later. The users will have a better charging experience. There will be fast chargers for those in a hurry. The company is all ready to enter the clean energy sector. Zetwerk will try to cover the project as soon as possible. The fast chargers installed at different locations will help the users charge their vehicle in less time.

Zetwerk focuses on providing quality products and services to customers. The company has been running successfully for a long time. The order is a step towards a big environmental change. Thus, the project is special for the company as well. More and more people are knowing the company after this project. We will provide more updates shortly.

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