Zen Paints is a factory in the Kakkalur Industrial Estate near Tiruvallur that caught fire due to a short circuit. The incident took the lives of three individuals and one injured. The factory caught the fire at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. These incidents have increased over time. More and more people are becoming victims of these incidents. Several other incidents happened in the country’s other parts. The major ones were at Paint companies itself. Paints and thinners are highly flammable leading to instant fire.

A Factory Blast In Chennai Killed Three, One Injured

Zen Paints Caught Fire Killing Three People

Zen Paints caught fire on 1 June 2024 Friday at 5:00 p.m. The factory deals in the manufacturing of paints and thinners. The factory had four workers working inside at the time of the fire. Three of them lost their life in the incident. One of them was Srinivasan who was 35 years old. The barrel that caught the fire exploded after it fell upon him. Two people’s body was burnt in the incident inside the factory. Another woman working inside the factory managed to escape the situation. She had some minor injuries.

The woman is currently admitted to a government hospital. She is under treatment. Her name is Shobana. She had some injuries. Apart from that, the Zen Paints had a huge infrastructural loss in the incident. The walls and the roof fell because of the blast. The incident takes place because of a short circuit. Also, the company had many chemicals, paints, and thinners becoming the major cause.

The fire was controlled after a few hours. There were high flames because of the high temperatures and hot weather. The search operation is happening for the remaining two people stuck under the debris. As the sun set, the rescue operation was stopped. It will continue in the morning. Along with the loss of lives, there is also a loss of property. There was an annihilation of the goods worth Rs. 3 Crores.

The incident was because of the non-seriousness and lack of precautions. Thus, a proper investigation will take place. There will be legal action against the owner as well. At the same time, the families who lost their family members will get compensation for it. The incident is serious and caught a lot of media coverage. The fire trapped everything in the flames. The worker upon which the container fell had the worst death. There was a big explosion upon him. The fire department reached the place and got control of the incident.

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