Rumours are spreading about the changes in the provisions from 1 June by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The social media covered the news until the Ministry clarified the truth itself. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways mentioned that there are no changes in the provisions. However, they do clarify about the certificates ADTC and driving schools issues and the need for the driving test with RTO below.

Driving License Approval

The Government Clarifies The Need For Driving Tests With RTO

The Ministry of Transport and Highway clarified that there are no changes in the existing provisions from 1 June 2024. The news has been circulating widely on the social media platforms about these changes. However, the ministry mentions that there will be no changes in the existing provisions from 1 June 2024. Thus, the provisions continuing from 1 July 2021 will remain in force. However, the question also arises about the driving test conducted by RTO. Who will have to take this test?

The ministry mentions that the students taking certificates from the driving schools or those below ADTC will not be exempted from the driving test. However, the State Transport Authority will allow some of the ADTC (Accreditated Driver Training Centres) where the students can complete the course and get the certificate and driving test done at those private centres. Those completing the driving test from those authorised centres will not need to take the driving test again at RTO (Regional Transport Office).

The others acquiring the certificate after completing a course from a normal driving school without a driving test will have to take the driving test at the Regional Transport Office. However, the driving test will be mandatory in all cases. The authorities took this decision to avoid the difficulties of applying for the test in the government offices. As it includes a lot of paperwork and regular visits to the office. Thus, there is a strong need to change the system that includes corruption. Private institutes will be able to conduct driving tests that will help eliminate corruption.

However, the loopholes still seem to be there. The private institutes might be involved in the bribes from the people to make fake driving test reports. However, the regulating authorities will take proper measures to avoid it. The rules will be applicable from 1 June 2024. However, the power of missing the license will remain solely with the licensing authority. The certificates with the driving test will help the process to become faster with the help of the private sector.

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