AIDYO is against raising tariff amounts. Recently, Jio is going to raise its mobile recharge plans. Many people believe that Mr Ambani wants to take out his son’s marriage expenses. Other companies like VI and Airtel also plan to raise the tariffs. Thus, the Mysuru district unit of All India Democratic Youth Organization is in protest to fight against the hikes. According to the organization, there are no valid reasons for the increase in the tariff prices. Thus, no one wants an unfair increase in the tariff rates.

AIDYO Against The Rising Mobile Tariff Plans

Why Tariff Rates Are Increasing? What Steps AIDYO Took Against It?

Tariff Rates are increasing rapidly after Jio’s announcement. All the companies are increasing the tariff rates. While many are also criticising the Ambani’s wedding for the same purpose. AIDYO (All India Democratic Youth Organization) protests against the price increase. According to AIDYO, the companies have no valid reason to increase their prices. Thus, they urge the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to act against it.

The raise is against the people’s welfare. Internet is now a need of everyone. People are highly dependent on the internet for their every activity. Students use the internet for attending online classes, street vendors use the Internet to receive payment, and customers use it to make the payment. Thus, several classes cannot afford these increasing prices rates for the internet. An appropriate step is important at this moment. The rising prices can be a tough situation for many people. Several people also depend on the internet to make money like freelancers and the work from home employees.

TRAI needs to bring a fair policy for all consumers. Many people are recharging before implementing these changed prices to save money. However, the solution lies in TRAI taking appropriate steps to regulate the industry. People use the internet for every little thing. Someone travelling uses it to book a cab or see the location. Some at home use it for study, research or staying updated.

There are also talks about bringing BSNL back to the top. As it is a public sector-based telecom industry. There will be more ease in utilising their services affordably. BSNL provides good connectivity and range with high-speed internet. BSNL can fill the gap to provide affordable internet to the common people. The intervention is a must to protect the consumer’s interests. The chances are that the TRAI works on strengthening BSNL connections in the county.

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