SBI launches 15-minute online loan schemes to provide the MSMEs instant loan facilities. The scheme is MSME Sahaj. It will offer several benefits to the MSMEs while applying for a loan. MSMEs might face difficulty in availing of these benefits when applying without the scheme. However, MSMEs are now getting a lot of benefits from different schemes. The coming years belong to the MSMEs. SBI’s focus is to help the MSMEs meet their working capital requirements. Let us have a look at the other features of the scheme below.

SBI Launches 15 Minute Online Loan Scheme For MSME

How Will The MSME Sahaj Scheme Help MSMEs To Get A Loan?

MSME Sahaj will help the MSMEs to get the loan easily in 15 minutes. MSMEs lack the money and often have difficulty managing their daily expenses. The major reason behind this is the extended credit system. MSMEs don’t get paid on time creating challenges for managing their costs. The government introduced a 45-day payment rule to solve this issue. However, the problem still exists.

SBI is providing another method by giving them loans. The bank provides loan approval in 15 minutes online to all the GST registered Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises. If any MSME is facing difficulty in managing its working capital (the amount of money needed to manage the daily expenses of a business), it can reach SBI for a loan. However, they must meet their eligibility criteria. The scheme is applicable from 1 July 2024.

Under this scheme, a person can buy Rs. 1 lakh by showing their GST-registered sales invoices. The schemes mention purely digital processes with no interaction manually. The system carries the majority of the processes itself. Even the closure of the loan is automated. Those who are already a customer with the SBI can use the Yono app for that service. Thus, this service will cater for thousands of MSMEs all over India. The startup culture is rising and people are getting more into it.

MSME Sahaj uses automation and digital power to reduce the manual intersection and the time for the plan approval. Automation in many other factors can be useful. The scheme is already active. One in need can take its benefit. As the MSME sector contributes to a major part of the economy, it is important to provide such resources to the country. Currently, the SBI shares are also running down by -2.03%. Its current value is Rs. 824.85 per share. MSME Sahaj will boost the loans from the bank creating a positive image of the bank for this initiative.

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