Alef Automotive, a California startup, has received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to test its flying car, known as the “Model A.” This makes it the first fully electric vehicle in the United States to be approved by the government for both road and air travel. The Model A is capable of vertical takeoff and landing, can be driven on public roads, and parked like a regular car. It is designed to accommodate one or two occupants, with a road range of 200 miles and a flying range of 110 miles. Read More Business News on our website.

Alef Automotive, a California Startup To Test Its Flying Car

Alef Automotive plans to sell each vehicle for $300,000, with the first delivery expected by the end of 2025. The FAA has issued a special airworthiness certificate to the company, permitting limited purposes such as exhibition, research, and development. While there have been other aircraft with similar certificates, Alef highlights the uniqueness of its vehicle’s ability to operate on both roads and in the air, resembling a conventional car and fitting into regular parking spaces.

Although the Model A will be classified as a “low-speed vehicle” and limited to a maximum speed of approximately 25 miles per hour on paved roads, the company believes that its flight capabilities will provide a faster alternative for longer distances. Alef’s website states that if a driver requires a quicker route, they can utilize the flying capabilities of the vehicle. However, approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still needed for road usage.

The development of the Model A began in 2015, initiated by four friends inspired by the concept of flying cars depicted in the “Back to the Future” movies. Alef Automotive conducted a successful automated test flight of an early version in 2018, followed by a full-scale prototype flight in the subsequent year. The company required the FAA’s special airworthiness certificate to continue its research and development efforts. Alef has also received over 400 refundable pre-orders for the vehicle, with general queue reservations priced at $150 and priority queue reservations at $1,500.

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