Allied Blenders and Distillers will launch its IPO soon. The company manufactures and supplies premium whisky, rum, and other alcoholic products. Being the number one brand, the company never meets the expectations of its consumers very well. Officers Choice is prominent with its brand name. However, its company name is Allied Blenders and Distillers. The company is going to launch an IPO soon. They will be launching it by next month.

Allied Blenders And Distillers

Allied Blenders And Distillers IPO Launch

Allied Blenders and Distillers IPO is going to launch soon. The company filed its DRHP papers in January 2024. It gets the approval from SEBI after four months on 10 May. The company is willing to pursue the opportunity and raise around Rs. 1,500 crores from the IPO. It’s not the first attempt of Allied Blenders and Distillers. The company previously applied for the IPO in 2022 as well. During that time, the company was planning to raise Rs. 2,000 crores. They have decided to manage their resources well and re-calculate the amount required to be raised.

Allied Blenders and Distillers have concluded that they will raise Rs 1,500 Crores. It will be divided into two parts. They will be Rs. 1,000 Crores of fresh shares. While Rs. 500 Crores worth offer for sale. This time, the company reduced its offer for sale. Allied Blenders and Distillers are expected to launch their IPO by the second half of June 2024. There is a long time pending for the IPO. The investors willing to buy the company’s share can track its performance to analyse and decide better before buying.

The face value of the shares will be Rs. 2 per share. At the same time, the IPO will have its listing on both BSE and NSE. They will be looking forward to the release of the IPO date soon. The officials have not said anything about the date yet. The company will have a retail allocation of 35%. Till now, Allied Benders and Distillers have performed well. The company is neither making high-profit jumps nor loss falls.

It is quite stable with a little bit of ups and downs in the number. Allied Blenders and Distillers have a revenue of Rs. 7,105.68 crores by the financial year 2023. Apart from that, it had expenses of 6,920.69 crores by the end of FY 2023. Thus, the company had a net income of 1.60 Crores for the year. Officer’s Choice has become a marvellous brand. They have decided to cater to the luxury and millionaire segment consumers to sell at a good price with a good margin.

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