Apple declares WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) by next month. iPhone users are also excited about the iOS 18 launch. The event will be sharing valuable insights related to the technological advancements on which Apple is working. Both the developers and the people coming to the event will be gaining a lot of knowledge from the event. However, it is still a mystery which advancements will Apple talk about at the event. It will be Apple’s first time sharing insights about AI.

Apple ios 18

When Will Apple WWDC 2024 Take Place?

Apple WWDC 2024 is said to be the biggest event that will take place next month. Apple has declared the official details about the timings of WWDC 2024. The company will share details about the current AI upgrades and advancements in the events. Apple WWDC 2024 will start on 10 June 2024, Monday and end on 14 June 2024, Friday. The most important day in the event will be the first day, which is 10 June 2024, Monday.

WWDC 2024 will be telecast on Apple’s YouTube channel. You can have all the details from the live stream. Apart from that, one can also attend the event live at the venue. The event is welcoming all the people and the developers. Google expects to share iOS18, iPadOS 18, WatchOS, and other device features. Google will launch its iPhone 16 in September in the market. However, it is planning for several new features in the smartphone to make it shine in the market.

As per the details, Apple is also going to add features like a customizable homepage and the SIRI new features in the smartphone. Apple is also in talks to add generative AI features on its website. Apple might generate its version of generative AI or it can have a collab with Open AI or Google. The more chances are that Apple will go with Open AI which is the number one company in AI.

However, Google is still in reckoning. Samsung is also ahead in this race after collaborating with Google’s Gemini. However, if Apple will use the Gemini AI as well, there will be lesser scope for something unique. Apple is going on to enter the Generative AI field and will also share details about Generative AI growth and scope in the event.

Apple WWDC 2024 is a much awaited event. It will cover a lot of details that the company has not shared yet. People are also excited for the upcoming models of iPhone and iPad. It has high chances for the presence of these new features in the model.

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