Sridhar Vembu is the founder of Zoho, a web service-providing company. He is planning to have a good investment in the Yali Aerospace. We have seen that the Aerospace sector is growing at a rapid speed. Thus, it can be a good opportunity for the company. The drone and aerospace segment is another in-demand segment at the moment. The investors are willing to invest most of the money in AI and aerials.

Sridhar Vembu

Sridhar Vembu Looks Forward to Invests Money in A Done Company Yali Aerospace

Sridhar Vembu is one of the founders of the Zoho App. He plans to invest some money in the Yali Aerospace after being inspired by its founders’ journey. Dinesh Baluraj and Anugraha are a married couple who also have a partnership in the business as well. The couple were living in the Netherlands and returned to their hometown Tanjavur. The city is located in Tamil Nadu.

The couple felt the need and scope of starting a drone business in the country. Thus they returned from the Netherlands to India. Mathuravani also contributes to Dinesh and Anugraha in their business. The company focuses on providing drone services to the civil and defence segments. Thus, they prepare drones as per the needs of the consumer. Yali Aerospace’s drones for civil use can often lift weights up to 7 kg. They run at a speed of 155 km/hr as their maximum speed.

The couple believes that these drones can be helpful to those who are seeking medical assistance in remote areas. Thus, the hospitals can deliver the organs and medicines to remote hospitals to help them have access to more resources. It will lead to proper treatment at remote places and assist people live a happening life.

Besides Yali Aerospace, Zoho plans to enter several other fields. The company was looking to set up an entry in the chip-making. They are also looking for government incentives. The field is completely different from their core business. However, Zoho is actively taking part in the growing industries. The company also discussed investing in Saudi Arabia’s digital infrastructure development. The company showed willingness to invest around Rs. 1,100 crores which is 500 million SAR.

Zoho is focusing on developing healthy relations with the government there. Apart from that, the company is no longer lagging in AI investments as well. Thus, the founder of the company is also practising the same on the individual level. He posted about Yali Aerospace on his X or Twitter account.

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