Apple is one of the big tech giants leading the smartphones, tablets, and laptops industry. People know the company for its uniqueness and iOS operating model. Apple is looking forward to collaborating with the AI company Open AI for its upcoming iPad Pro variants. The company is going to organize an event in the next month for the launch. Let us explore more about Apple’s new variants and event details below.

Apple To Launch New iPad Pro Variants With M4 Chipset

Apple’s First AI-Powered Device Will Launch Its ‘Let Loose’ Event Next Month

Apple is going to launch its event on 7 May 2024 with the name ‘Let Loose’. Thus, the company will bring its first AI-powered device next month in its iPad Pro variants. Apple is among the top companies that are making innovative moves to maintain its pace with the growing tech industry. The company is going on with its all-time high performance becoming the best-selling smartphone of 2023.

The event will start at 7:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time and 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The company will launch OLED iPad Pro Variants and a 12.9-inch iPad Air variant. The company collaborated with Open AI to launch its first AI-powered device. Thus, Apple will be using the M4 Chipset in its pro variants, skipping the M3 chipset.

M2 Chipset powers the current variants of iPad Pro. However, the new variants that are going to launch will have M4 Chipset in it. If we talk about the iPad Pro, there will be two versions. The first one will be 11 inches and the second one will be 13.1 inches. Apart from that, the iPad AIR variant will be 12.9 inches.

Apart from the iPad Pro and iPad AIR, the company also plans to launch Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil in the event. The event is said to be online rather than a special big event like an iPhone launch. Apple’s 3rd generation Apple Pencil has been in rumors for a long time. It will launch soon in the event next month. It will be compatible with iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 11, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

Apple is working on creating products that are AI-based. People are attracted to its highly fine look and the advanced technology. Many companies are launching their new AI-based products. Similarly, the company is also taking a step towards the use of AI. We hope you get enough details about Apple’s new collab and the upcoming event. Keep reading and stay tuned for more information.

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