Democratic Republic Of Congo recently mentioned that Apple has been smuggling minerals from the embattled east. The country sends a notice to the tech company for taking this step and exploiting the country’s minerals. We will share details about the Democratic Republic of Congo and Apple’s current controversy and the reason behind it. As per the details, Apple is responsible for buying minerals such as Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold from Rwanda. What did Apply say on the matter? Continue reading below.

Apple Alleged to Brought Blood Minerals to Supply It to Rwanda

Democratic Republic of Congo Reports Apple’s Involvement in the Smuggling Of Minerals

Democratic Republic of Congo mentions Apple smuggled the mineral from Rwanda. As per the country, Apple is involved in the buying of minerals like Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold from the war-torn zone. These regions have activities like s@xual violence and armed attacks. The country says that the company illegally exploited minerals from Embattled East. The notice states legal action against the company if not stopped. The company also receives a notice in its two France branches.

Two branches in France received the notice. US headquarters also received the notice mentioning the concern on 25 April 2024. As per the reports, Apple received a warning letter from the company against its actions. It mentioned that there will be consequences for not following the regulations.

As per details, the company’s products are made from the blood of the Congolese people. Thus, everyone is waiting eagerly for the response from Apple. The allegations are going viral over social media. People are still struggling to find a clear picture. Let us look at the response from Apple below.

Apple recently shared its response regarding the ongoing controversy with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Apple mentions that there is no reasonable basis for concluding that there is any refinery or smelter in the supply chain directly or indirectly benefiting the Democractic Repuclic of Congo’s armed group.

Democratic Republic of Congo has rich sources of minerals like Gold and tantalum. Tin, and Tungsten. However, Rwanda faces some issues in matching the same pace and having such quality minerals. The majority of the producers use these minerals for the manufacturing of these electronic products.

Thus, the huge market of electronics depends on the extraction of such minerals to create technological innovations further. The country alleges Apple tainted products from Congolese blood. We hope you get enough details about Apple’s controversy with the Democratic Republic of Congo. We will provide more updates as the case proceeds further.

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