A landslide in Arunachal Pradesh leads to the destruction of the only road connecting the Dibang Valley district to India. It is a town located at the border of China. The government of Arunachal Pradesh is currently assuring people of the recovery of the road. The work started already. The road plays an important role as it is the only road connecting the area with India. Let us explore more about this massive landslide below.

Landslide In Arunachal Pradesh Cuts Connectivity to Dibang Valley District Bordering China

A Landslide In Arunachal Pradesh Destroys the Only Road Connecting Dibang Valley With India

A landslide recently destroyed the only road that connected the Dibang Valley with India. The government requests the people to stay away from the road until it becomes completely functional. The workers are working on the road to make it in a working condition again. The landslide was so massive that it led to the destruction of the area completely.

The workers are trying to make the road functional by Thursday evening for two-wheelers. However, it will take around 2-3 days to recover the damage. CM asks the people to maintain patience as the work is going on. Arunachal Pradesh’s CM Pema Khandu assures the people that the bridge recovery started.

As per the sources, it is National Highway 313 located between Hunli and Anini Towns. The CM mentions that he is disturbed after hearing the news. The immediate instructions are sent for the road construction and recovery. However, Dibang Valley’s Deputy Commissioner mentioned that the traffic will be restored soon.

The incident destroyed the only road connecting the village with the country. It is located a the border of China. With the amazing scenic views, the district is a prominent tourist spot. Nature surrounds the place making it even more beautiful. People visit the district for its lush greenery. It always feels like home around nature.

Apart from that, Arunachal Times shares the footage of the landslide. The road falls apart making a ditch between the road. The water was flowing at a high speed with a lot of mud. The incident has full coverage. The video is going viral all over the country making the government take quick action for its recovery.

The workers will arrange a ply for the two-wheelers to continue the short movement on the road. We hope you get enough details about Arunachal Pradesh’s recent landslide. We will provide the updates shortly after the road becomes functional again. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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