ICICI Bank security glitch is going viral. Everyone is concerned about the glitch and the fear of financial loss due to this glitch. iMobile Pay App is ICICI’s app for allowing customers to make transactions easily using their cards. The app’s glitch allowed other random users to view the credit card details of any other user. Information like Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, and CVV was visible. Let us explore more about the ICICI Bank’s security glitch below.

ICICI Bank iMobile Glitch Allowed Users To View Sensitive Information From The Credit Cards Of Other People

ICICI Bank Security Glitch Explained

ICICI Bank Security glitch took place in the company’s iMobile Pay app. It allowed the other random users to view the credit card details of another user. Therefore, around 17,000 new credit cards that were issued in the last 7 days get erroneously mapped to the wrong users. iMobile users who saw the issue reported to the bank immediately.

ICICI Bank received several complaints within a few hours. The news went viral all over the social media. Users reported that they can see the credit card details of any random user. The credit card details include the credit card number, CVV, and expiry date as well. Another individual complained that he was able to see the Amazon Pay details of another user.

Thus, this can easily allow the one to misuse the credit card. We all know that domestic transactions won’t work even if card details are public. People’s money will be saved because of the OTP. However, the issuer can easily use the card’s details for international transactions. These transactions can lead to a huge loss to the cardholder.

The bank addressed the issue and is currently working on it to fix it. However, the issue still exists. The bank blocked all the credit cards. 17,000 new users were affected by the glitch. Thus, the bank states they are a mere 0.1 % of the cardholders with the bank. There is no misuse case till now. ICICI Bank assures the help in case of any misuse due to this glitch.

The bank states that it will assist the user financially in case of any misuse of their card due to the glitch. They are working on the issue and have blocked the credit card’s access. The bank blacked the cards of these users for security purposes. They are working on issuing new cards to the users for their safety. We hope you get enough details about the ICICI Bank’s security glitch below.

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