Asian Paints is launching its NeoBharat Latex Paint. The company recently released its ad film promoting the products throughout the country. More and more people are becoming aware of the product after the ad film’s release. We will share details about Asian Paints Neo Bharat Latex Paints ad film below. The company is continuing its pace in innovation with the release of the new product. Let us explore more about Asian Paints’ new latex paint below.

Asian Paints NeoBharat Latex Ad Film Out Now

Asian Paints Releases Its NeoBharat Latex Paint Ad Film

Asian Paints launched its new product NeoBharat Latex Paint’s ad film. The ad film took the attention of all the medium household families. The company targets the medium-income segment. The ones who are not able to afford much higher price paints are the ones who can choose their new product for a quality finishing to their walls.

Paints often play a crucial role in the household’s beauty. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about the Asian Paints NeoBharat Latex paint. The company is expanding its needs throughout the country for its further expansion. Thus, it is a good initiative by the company to reach the much deeper sections of the economy. It is already among the top paint companies in the country. Thus, it is further setting an example of innovation in the country.

Asian Paints are on a mission to fulfill people’s dreams. Paints are the beauty factor in any household. The company’s new product goes with the tagline ‘Har Ghar Khelega, Har Ghar Khilega’. The company’s new ad film features Virat Kohli. If we talk about the ad, it starts with Virat Kohli giving the award to a young player for playing well in a cricket tournament.

He becomes quite happy after having the trophy in his hand. He rushes towards his house where Virat Kohli follows him too. His house had faded walls. The paint was looking dull with no brightness in the room. As paparazzi are about to take a picture of the young player with Virat Kohli, the Asian Paints Latex Paint comes in the film.

With Asian Paints’s Neo Bharat Latex, the house gets a complete transformation. The paint focuses on the different categories of buyers. Providing the maximum colors from the color palette, the company tried to provide a variety in the product. Thus, Asian Paint’s new latex paint is available in different colors that can match the needs of the consumers. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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