UltraTech is one of the biggest cement companies. The company released its quarter results already. We will share details about UltraTech Q4 results, net profits, and estimates below. The company is having an increase of 35% in the net profit. The industry was facing difficulties due to cold temperatures in the North and the Festive season in the South. However, the end led to an increase in the sales of the company. Let us explore more about the company’s Q4 performance below.

UltraTech Cement

UltraTech Cement Q4 Results, Net Profit, Income, Expenses, And More

UltraTech Cement Q4 results were released today on 29 April 2024. The company ends up with a net profit of 35% at Rs. 2,258 crore. The profit records from January to March 2024. It was recorded to be Rs. 1,670.10 crore in Q4 2023. Thus, the company is having  23% YoY growth with 15% QoQ growth.

As the quarter was profitable, the company will be providing a dividend of Rs. 70 per share at a face value of Rs. 10 per share. The revenue of the company also jumped by 9.4% which is Rs. 20,418.94 Crore. The company had an EBITDA of Rs. 4,250 Crore. It was Rs. 3,444 in the previous year. Thus, increased in the current year. Let us share more about UltraTech Cement’s current share price below.

UltraTech Cement Ltd. has a share price of Rs. 9,970.85 per share. It increased by 2.78% today. The market opened today at Rs. 9,765 per share and closed at Rs. 9,970.85 per share. Its share price increased by 3.81% in the past five days. The 52-week high is Rs. 10,526 per share and the 52-week low is Rs. 7,434.45 per share.

The market has a P/E Ratio of 44.85 with a dividend yield of 0.38%. Apart from that, UltraTech’s consolidated sales volume increased to 35.08 million tonnes. There has been a 7-8% increase in the company’s sales in the latter half. UltraTech is among the top cement companies. Several companies are relating their quarterly results. UltraTech also released its result on a positive note.

There has been a curiosity among the readers to know more about its performance for the upcoming months. However, the company has been good in its previous year’s performance as well. It expects the same for the upcoming years as well. There are commissioned greenfield capacities at Karur, Tamil Nadu, and Kukurdih, Chattisgarh for 2.7 mtpa. The company had 14-15% growth in the first half of the year. Its domestic sales also increased by 30% QoQ to 33.91 million tonnes. We hope you get enough details about UltraTech Cement Q4 results above. Stay tuned for more information.

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