Bengaluru has its current airport running by the Kempegowda International Airport. It is also the country’s third busiest airport, increasing its significance even more. Bengaluru is a metro city that is ahead of several other Indian cities and states in terms of development. Due to these busy airport schedules, the State Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) minister, MB Patil conducts a meeting discussing the need for another airport in the city. What will be the location of that airport? When will work start there? Let’s discuss below.

Bengaluru People to Get Second Airport, MB Patil Conducts a Meeting

Bengaluru To Have Its Second Airport?

Bengaluru, the liveliest city in India, is under discussion for constructing another airport to reduce the air traffic at the airport. It is the third busiest airport in India. A lot of people travel to Bengaluru for their work and businesses. Several big events also take place in the city. Following these needs, there is a strong demand to build another airport in the country. Will the construction of the second airport get the centre’s approval?

The meeting for the airport construction took place on 20 June 2024, Friday. State Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) Minister MB Patil, IDD Secretary N Manjula, Karnataka Industrial Development Corporation Managing Director BC Satish, and others attended the meeting. The discussion about the total cost and requirements for the airport construction took place.

According to the prior contract, no one can construct another airport within 150 km of Devanhalli Airport till 2033. Thus, the authorities feel that the airport will soon reach its top capacity for passenger holdings and cargo handling. The possibility is that the airport reach its maximum capacity by the end of 2033 with the ending of the contract. Thus, there is a strong need to handle the increasing footfall of the passengers on the airport. Apart from that, there is also a discussion about the expansion of the existing airport.

The second airport’s location will be Tumkuru Road. It is said to be the best location for the airport. A metro line will also connect Tumakuru soon. The 3km Nagasandra BIEC metro will also become operational soon. These connections will help in improving and managing the airport’s increasing traffic at the single airport. Apart from that, the Kempegowda International Airport will also expand further. The T1 and T2 terminal’s current capacity is 52 million passengers in total. However, the T1 refurbishment will take the capacity of T1 to 60 MPPA and T2 capacity to 20 million.

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