The new guy in the block to create hues is – Bitcoin who surged beyond the $45k mark and it was seen to be hitting the topmost point in nearly two years. The driving force behind this surge was the excitement surrounding the potential approval of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) which was directly invested in the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin experienced an impressive 4.3% jump, settling at $45,355 and it has been noted that even other digital tokens, including Ether too witnessed gains of up to 2.6 percentage.

Bitcoin again Hits above $45,000 after 2 years amid ETF approval Hope

This surge can be strategically timed around a very crucial deadline on January 10th, when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is all the way and set to make a pivotal decision regarding the approval of a spot ETF for Bitcoin. Traders from the US and Europe have been in a content FOMO, which is causing them to make early purchases as the deadline seems to come. Hayden Hughes who is the co-founder of the social-trading platform Alpha Impact further highlighted that investors wasted no time and is actively buying on January 1st signaling a heightened sense of optimism.

This is the excitement that is seen further all jelled up by various counterparts that the traders in their orb who are placing bets on Bitcoin reaching $50k.

Cici Lu McCalman who is known as the founder of the blockchain adviser – Venn Link Partners further was seen who expressed confidence in Bitcoin’s current momentum, asserting that traders would require a huge risk-taking factor in this business. The company has had an impressive rebound of nearly 160% in the past year and has played a significant role in recovering some of the losses incurred during the sharp crash in 2022. Although it has outperformed global stocks and gold, Bitcoin is still below its pandemic-era record of nearly $69k set in the year 2021.

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