Ed-tech startup Buju’s is facing a fresh wave of controversies, with allegations from a former employee, Akansha Khemka, who posted an emotional video seeking the government’s support. Khemka, who worked as an Academic Specialist for 1.5 years, claimed to have been terminated abruptly without taking any leave. Read More Business News on our website.

byjus employee

According to Khemka, her reporting manager stated that her termination was due to performance and behavior issues, while the HR denied this reason. She revealed that the company encourages employees to resign voluntarily, promising them timely salaries, but those who are sacked might have to wait up to 45 days for payment.

As the sole breadwinner for her family, Khemka held Byju’s and its founder Raveenderan directly responsible for her financial struggles and expressed fear of taking drastic measures. She also highlighted complaints from parents, particularly regarding refunds, accusing Byju’s of misusing funds and engaging in fraudulent practices.

In light of the recent crisis, Byju’s has faced challenges with financial reporting, loan payments, and conflicts with investors. Prosus NV, one of Byju’s investors, criticized the company’s governance structure and reduced its valuation significantly.

Amidst these troubles, the government has ordered an inspection of Byju’s books to investigate the situation further. Khemka’s emotional video and the overall controversies have raised concerns about the work culture and practices at Byju’s, prompting her to urge other professionals not to join the company.

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