Kamdhenu Ventures is a paint company growing in the market. Their share is performing well in the market. Currently, following a bearish trend, the share can make a profit in the coming years. We will share details about Kamdhenu Ventures Limited share price below. The company’s shares are at a good pace currently. We all know that Asian Paints is a big name in the paint industry. Thus, discussions are being carried out on what will happen next in the paint industry. Who will take the position ahead of the Asian Paints?

Kamdhenu Ventures

Who Will Be The Next Asian Paints?

There has been a lot of curiosity among the industry people about the new and growing paint companies. The potential ones are moving higher with more and more growth every year. It will be interesting to see what happens next. The company making the buzz around the industry is Kamdhenu Ventures Limited.

The company started a few years ago with an idea to cater to the paint and housing industry. Thus, the company started providing services in enamel paints, wood coatings products, and interior & exterior emulsions. Let us look at the company’s current performance in the market. The paint industry is often competitive and makes its most sales near the festive or marriage seasons in India. Providing quality and variety to consumers will be one of the best ways to overcome challenges.

The stock market is said to be going through the ups and downs. The share price is currently Rs. 173.70 per share. It is currently opening at Rs. 177.95. Its 52-week high is Rs. 245 per share with a 52-week low of Rs. 104.95 per share. The P/E ratio is 159.61. Apart from that, the market cap is 1.09 TCr. In the past 1 month, the share price showed a high and a low later.

However, the share might have had a low growth in the previous month. The one-year growth was 55.16%. Thus, the investors are positive about the company’s rising demand. Many speculate the share to cross Rs. 200 per share soon. The best thing is that the company works on providing quality products that get good feedback from the consumers.

To conclude, Kamdhenu Ventures is in the headlines after people expected the company as the next Asian Paints. The reason behind the speculations is its quality product delivery. The company gets involved in the Stock Split. It means that the company will be dividing 1 equity share of face value of Rs. 5 per share into 5 equity shares. It means that the company will have 1 equity share for Rs. 1 of face value.

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