The summers are arriving and are said to be the hottest this year. As we all know global warming and other environmental factors like war have increased the temperature of the globe. Thus, the effects are visible after from past 3-4 years. It is important to pay attention to the heat waves in India and rising temperatures to protect the environment from damage and to live a healthy life. The heat waves are about to arrive and will take away a lot of developmental scope in the affected areas.

Heat waves In India: Major Impacts on Economy

Heatwave Impact On The Economy

Heat waves in India are arriving and the temperature is on a continuous rise. A lot of things are said to have a bad impact in the coming two months. Heat waves are a serious concern this year. As per the forecasters, India will experience the hottest months this year. May and June will be the months when different parts of the countries will experience heat waves for around 7-8 days on average.

In the previous year, the heat waves impacted the health of a lot of citizens. People had dehydration and hospitalization as well after the heat wave effect. The schools were off for some weeks. It will have an impact on businesses as well. Extreme heat will affect the working capability of the individuals. There will be more and more water consumption. It can lead to situations like drought in many places. Water is also in shortage in several parts of the country.

We often misuse the water for washing roads and cars with pipes. Thus, it leads to a lot of wastage of the water resources. The crops will require more water as well. While the excessive heat will ripen the crops faster leading to damage and less production. There will be more pesticides harming the food production. Thus, the overall ecosystem is at risk this summer.

We can put our little contribution from our side to reduce the effect by a minimal percentage. As we all know it cannot be stopped now as we are already late. The heat wave will continue till 30 June. The previous year had a power demand of 243 GW which was the highest of all time. However, this year the power consumption can be up to 260 GW. The government plans to utilize the gas-based plants to meet the power consumption from 1 May to 30 June. We hope you get enough details about the heat waves’ impact on the economy above.

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