The online Gaming industry has a big scope these days. After the launch of Jio in India, internet usage increases many folds. The lockdown also led to more people shifting to the online world. In the era of digitalization, sports also transitioned into gaming. We will share details about the Online Gaming world’s growth potential below. The industry is a billion-dollar industry with new earning sources becoming available for gamers online.

Can Online Gaming Help India's Economy Grow High?

The online gaming industry is becoming more and more engaging. New gamers are changing the scenario. Online Gaming is the most popular among the children. The youth plays a lot of games making India the second-largest online game player in the world. The children are making earnings by playing games as well. Indian YouTubers like Trigered Insan are among the highest-earning gamers in the country. People also make more than 10 lakhs per month in the industry. Thus, it is a high-paying sector for those who successfully crack the code.

The question arises, can it help in elevating India’s GDP and reach its development goal? PM Modi is on a mission to make India develop by 2047. The industry can play a vital role in it. India has the largest number of youth population. Thus, gaming is on trend nowadays in the country. If both the existing sectors or industries & the upcoming and emerging sectors came together, they could do wonders for sure.

Which sectors are the emerging sectors in India? Well, sectors like blockchain, cryptocurrency trading, gaming, and influencers, are the emerging sectors in the country. It recently caught people’s attention. In the gaming sector, only, 1,00,000 people have an income source from the gaming industry. The number tends to increase this year. It expects that this number will reach 2,50,000 people in the next 3-5 years.

Gaming also gets a boost after the release of Virtual Reality headsets that make you experience an artificial world for the real. Apart from that, Meta’s universe concept also relates to it where people will roam in the virtual world similar to the real world. However, the gaming industry needs a regulator. Like every industry has its rules and regulations, there is a strong need for the gaming industry to have such a body. Viksit Bharat needs digitalization and a tech revolution at the top. The government is also paying equal attention to infrastructure development as well. Stay tuned for more information.

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