PGIM India Mutual Funds brought a beneficial retirement plan this financial year. The company decides to launch this offer towards the end of the financial year 2023-24. We will share details about the PGIM India Retirement plan below. The offer will begin on 26 March 2024 and close on 9 April 2024. The public can avail of the offer with a tenure of five years or till retirement if closer. Let us look at the PGIM India Mutual Funds Retirement Fund below.

PGIM Mutual Fund India announced a new Retirement Fund Scheme

PGIM India is all in for a new retirement plan for the public. Starting on 26 March 2024, many people already started making deposits. The plan will be open to join for the public till 9 April 2024. The scheme is a complete open-ended retirement scheme. If we talk about its duration, it will be either five years or till your retirement, if close. Those who are looking for some investment opportunities to increase their savings can have a look at this scheme. It can be a better alternative to raise your money.

However, PGIM India is among the leaders in mutual funds. A thing to remember before investing is that the plan does not ensure achieving the desired increase in the money invested. You need to have a minimum of 5,000 to start with this new scheme.

There are other plans from the companies providing similar benefits. They are Tata Retirement Saving Fund by Tata Mutual Fund, SBI Retirement Benefits Fund by SBI Mutual Fund, and Nippon India Retirement Fund by Nippon Mutual Fund India. You must go through these plans once before choosing any. So as we mentioned, the minimum limit to invest is Rs, 5,000 per offer or in the multiples of Re. 1. There are other common questions in the mind of the investors as well.

The first benefit of this scheme is that there will be an Entry Load or Exit Load. As the funds do not involve any assurance of the returns mentioned. It will come under the category of a high-risk scheme. PGIM India Mutual Fund is a trusted source. However, the high-risk investments need a proper analysis.

There will be different types of investments of the funds changing the risk capacity of the scheme. Equity and Equity-related Instruments will have high risk. Debt Securities and Money Market Instruments, including Cash, Tripathy Repo, and Equivalent and units of mutual funds have Low to Medium risk. The units issued by REITs & InvITs have Medium to High risk.

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