Chemours is a chemical company situated in Mexico that has stopped Titanium Dioxide production after a drought in Mexico. The company is going to pause its operations due to several reasons. The main reason is drought in the area. Drought refers to a situation where there is no rainfall and a shortage of water. Thus, the company is going to take the step to make the right use of the water resources available in the area. The initiative is appreciated by the others.


American Chemical Company Chemours Pauses Titanium Dioxide Production After Drought In Mexico

Chemours is a chemical company that paused its production of Titanium Dioxide because of the shortage of water. The affected areas are Altamira, Mexico Site, and some other regions. The company took the initiative itself. Thus, it is a big thing. Chemours has requested the government to minimize water intake because of which the production will pause. It is a severe issue. The water scarcity in the area is concerning. People are struggling for the water.

Chemours wants to secure the water resources for the communities living nearby. Thus, the best solution is to pause production. As it is a natural calamity, it can take any amount of time to get back to the normal condition. However, there is no exact time known for the recovery. Chemours is a world leader. The company believes in the hospitality and welfare of the people around them. Thus, the action will help in the conservation and right utilisation of the water.

Apart from that, it is also increasing the prices of Titanium Dioxide by $100 per ton. The prices will be effective from 1 July 2024. The company will make the changes after the conditions appear to become better. However, no one can tell the exact time in the production to start again. The city has been facing drought issues for several months. There are more than 22 million people in the city. There has been no water for a long time. It is one of the biggest droughts in Mexico. According to the details, it has affected more than half of the population.

The city is using the available reserves and the water resources. The main reason behind the drought is the abnormal rainfall for a long period in Mexico. The wars also contributed to increasing the temperatures leading to a poor water cycle. People are getting the water from the water tankers. The taps do not have enough water available to survive.

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