Infosys has recruited around 11,900 college graduates till now. The company is among the top tech companies in India. Infosys has mentioned that they have recruited around 11,900 college students. They focus on providing skills to the employees. As per the company, they have trained 2,50,000 people in AI. The company is providing growth to those who associate with it, making it the second-biggest software company in India. Let us understand more about Indosy’s current fall in the hiring of campus students.


Infosys Recruits Around 11,900 College Graduates

Infosys has decreased the number of hiring from college graduates. The company hired around 50,000 college graduates in FY23. However, the number is a mere 11,900 at the moment. The spectators believe that the fall is massive. It is happening for the first time in the company. In the middle of this conversation, everybody is excited about the details of the reasons behind this falling headcount of recruitment from college graduates. Infosys shared its views recently.

The company mentioned that the numbers might have decreased. However, they have focused on providing their employees a quality work skills. Around 2,50,000 employees enhanced their AI skills with the company. Apart from that, the employee hiring number is 3,17,000. The company has also focused on giving equal opportunity to both men and women. According to the details, the company has around 39% of the women working in their company.

Another major reason for the decline in the hiring of college graduates this financial year is that the company is now focusing on hiring more people from off campus. Thus, the company has less than 50% of the campus hiring. While the majority of the hiring is from off-campus. Several other companies are following this trend. Companies like TCS, Wipro, and Mahindra are also moving towards this approach. Some controversies are going on about the company as well. Many believe that Infosys has been harsh on its employees.

One of the news released on the media mentions that Infosys didn’t accept the layoff of the employees. It rather asked the employees to give a voluntary resignation. It maintained the goodwill of the company smartly while Several other companies also increased the layoff to manage the overflow of employees due to the additional hiring at the time of lockdown. A total of 69,167 employees lost their place. Infosys has given a clear statement in response mentioning that they are currently focussing on off-campus hiring, giving more opportunities to them.

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