Narendra Modi is expected to be a prime minister for the third time. It makes everyone curious to know whether Mr Modi will match the record of former prime minister Mr Nehru. The party was said to have a high chance of winning before starting the election counting. However, the exit polls also gave a not-so-good response this time. Let us look at the current political scenario of the Indian economy below.

Narendra Modi To Become The PM For The Third Time?

Will Narendra Modi Be The PM For The Third Time?

The discussions about the elections are going on. The vote counting has started. However, there is no party in a clear majority. Thus, there is suspense about which party will win. The BJP had a slogan of Abhki Baar, 400 paar, which raised a lot of questions about the upcoming PM and also the increasing rumours about India moving towards a dictatorship. However, the actual data are quite different at the moment. In the previous elections of 2019, BJP had 303 seats, whereas NDA won with 353 seats. Thus, the BJP seems to be targeting these 400 seats independently for the current year. Will it be possible?

However, the results are still not released. The parties don’t have a clear win at the moment. At the time of writing this article, there are still many chances for the BJP to win as there is still time for the results from 254 seats pending at the moment. Following are the details about the leading party in different states and UT below (as of 4 June 2024, 8:45 p.m.):

Andaman And Nicobar Islands: BJP won 1 seat

Andhra Pradesh: Telugu Desam Party won 16 seats

Arunachal Pradesh: BJP won 2 seats

Assam: BJP won 9 seats

Bihar: BJP won 12 seats

Chandigarh: Congress won 1 seat

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu: Bjp won 1 seat

Delhi: BJP won 7 seats

Goa: BJP and Congress won 1 seat each

Gujarat: BJP won 25 seats

Haryana: BJP and Congress won 5 seats each

Himachal Pradesh: BJP won 4 seats

J&K: BJP won 2 seats

Jharkhand: BJP won 8 seats

Karnataka: BJP won 17 seats

Kerala: Congress won 14 seats

Ladakh: —

Lakshadweep: Congress won 1 seat

Madhya Pradesh: BJP won 29 seats

Maharashtra: Congress won 13 seats

Manipur: Congress won 2 seats

Meghalaya: Congress won 1 seat

Mizoram: —

Nagaland: Congress won 1 seat

Odhisha: BJP won 19 seats

Puducherry: Congress won 1seat

Punjab: Congress won 7 seats

Rajasthan: BJP won 14 seats

Sikkim: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha won 1 seat

Tamil Nadu: Dravinda Munnettra Kazhagam won 22 seats

Telangana: NJP won 8 seats

Tripura: BJP won 2 seats

Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi Party won 37 seats

Uttrakhand: BJP won 5 seats

West Bengal: All India Trinamool Congress won 29 seats

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