Schools in Delhi are getting bomb threats. The schools are shutting down for the security of the students. Everyone is eager to know more about this hoax and threat e-mail that schools received. We will share details about Delhi’s school’s threats below. The schools are going through an investigation and detection of any possible bombs inside the building. It can be a serious condition in case of any incidents. Let us have more details about the incident below.

Delhi Schools Are Getting Bomb Threats

Delhi Schools Gets Bomb Threats News

Delhi Schools are getting bomb threats through emails. These emails mention threatening things inside them. The threats have been continuous since Wednesday morning. Thus, the schools are going through the proper detection of any bombs in the unit. The schools have bomb detection units and bomb disposal terms. Apart from that, there are Delhi Fire Services are also on their duty.

The schools coming in highlights after the threats are Mayur Vihar’s Mother Mary, Amity Saket, Sanskriti, Pushp Vihar, and DPS Noida. These schools are going through several challenges. Currently, the schools are closed for the safety of the children and the staff. The schools took the condition seriously after receiving more emails.

If we talk about the recurrent live updates, there are no bombs or dangerous equipment found in the schools. The bomb detection teams are doing their task and the students are at their houses. As per the officials they have received calls from more than 70 schools. However, they believe it to be more of a hoax to create a panic situation. They believe in the security of the people and are attending every call from every school.

The required safety has been sent to the schools already. Since it’s not confirmed that it’s only a hoax, security is being prioritized. Delhi Public School also received the threat at 7:15 a.m. Later, the school sent messages to the student’s parents. All the students went back to their houses.

Similarly, a school in Lucknow also received a similar threat. Due to a lot of emails and a threatening environment, everyone is fearful. The students in the school are also anxious. As the schools sent messages to the parents, they also ran towards the schools to take their children. There is a situation of panic in the city. However, there is another possibility as well. It can be a hoax as well. We hope you get enough details about Delhi Schools’ bomb threats below. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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