Around 14 products were suspended from Ramdev’s pharma firms. The state took action after the company was found to have misleading advertisements. Uttrakhand took action after it found the company to be running some misleading advertisements. We will share details about Ramdev’s Pharma products and manufacturing ban below. The company is in controversy after the release of the news. Let us explore more about the controversy below.

14 Products From Ramdev's Pharma Firm Gets Suspended In Uttarakhand

14 Products Banned From Ramdev’s Pharma

Baba Ramdev’s company license ceased for 14 products in Uttarakhand. The company will be looking forward to finding some solution upon the ban, However, as per the Indian state regulator, the manufacturing license for the company ceased after its regular misleading advertisements.

People know Baba Ramdev for his Yoga shows. The controversy started after his company released some traditional medicines claiming to cure a disease completely. As per the guidelines, no product can claim the full recovery of any disease and mislead the consumers.

The suspension of the license took place on 15 April 2024. The traditional medicines banned from Ramdev’s company include claims to cure serious diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, and Diabetes. The case was going on against him and his company already. As per the Indian Medical Association, his company is misleading people through its advertisements by taking people away from the medicines recognized and used originally his traditional medicines.

While Baba Ramdev feels sorry for his mistakes and apologizes to everyone for the same. As per the details, he asked for forgiveness. However, he has not received an apology from the judges. He appeared in court as well. However, the case is still running with no final decision yet.

Baba Ramdev’s advertisements led to a huge sale of these products claimed to cure diseases like diabetes. However, several government organizations and medical associations find it to be misleading. The production majorly took place in Uttrakhand. Thus, the license is completely suspended for the fourteen products of Baba Ramdev’s pharma firm.

Baba Ramdev is accepting his mistake publicly. 14 Products banned under Baba Ramdev’s Pharma company are Swasari Gold, Swasari Vati, Bronchom, Swasari Pravahi, Swasari Avaleh, Mukta Vati Extra Power, Lipidom, Madhugrit, Madhunashini Vati Extra Power, Livogrit, Eyegrit Gold, and Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop. These product’s market supply will cease slowly.

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali becomes a household brand soon after Baba Ramdev gains popularity and the trust of the people. We hope you get enough details about Patanjali’s pharma products ban above. Stay tuned for more on our website.

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