FirstCry filled its DRHP papers again after SEBI asked for additional details on KPI. The company filed its DRHP papers a few months ago. Thus, everyone is eager to know about the company’s IPO and further raising. Will there be any changes in the money to be issued? Everyone is eagerly looking for details about the release of the IPO. Let us explore more about the company’s DRHP filing and any changes below.

FirstCry Files DRHP Papers For IPO One More Time

FirstCry files DRHP Papers for one more time. SEBI asked for further information from the company after it filed its DRHP papers for the first time. The company faced a lot of losses during the period. It made a revenue of Rs. 4,814 Crores. SEBI is the market regulator and handles all the IPO filling and the FPOs as well.

Many are curious to know whether the company changed its funding size or not. However, the company has not changed its funding size yet. FirstCry is raising $500 million as earlier. From the $500 million raise, the company will be raising around $218 million as fresh shares, which is also Rs. 1,815 Crores. While they will raise the rest from the offer for sale.

FirstCry made a loss of Rs. 278 Crores with a revenue of Rs. 4,814 Crores. Apart from that, FirstCry had a total loss of Rs. 5,159.7 Crores. The loss for the company is increasing continuously. The company had another big loss by the end of March 2023 as well. It was recorded to Rs. 483.5 Crore. While the year before that had a loss of only Rs. 77.60 Crore.

A lot of details are coming out about the company’s financials. Thus, SEBI also asked for December 2023 financials. The company expects positive results towards the end of the financial year. However, nothing is sure yet.

FirstCry founded in 2010 deals in kid’s products. The company focuses on making baby products retailing special. FirstCry is expanding well in the market. They are focussing on their store’s expansion as well. Thus, there are more than 900 stores of the company in India. Thus, the company feels it is the right time to take up the funding.

The basic aim of the company from the funding will be storing the company back to the profits and some expansion. We will provide more details about the company’s IPO as soon as SEBI gives its approval. We hope you get enough details about FirstCry’s second DRHP filing above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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