Micro Labs CEO Dilip Surana has earned Rs 400 crore in net profit by selling Dolo – a famous pain relief. This has prompted an expansion in his total assets, which presently remains at Rs. 26,000 crore. In addition, he owns a lavish residence in Bengaluru that is thought to be worth a significant sum.

Dilip Surana CEO Micro Lab

Dilip Surana Micro Lab CEO Net Worth

With a net worth of Rs 26,000 crore, Surana is one of India’s wealthiest individuals due to his success in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has received numerous awards and accolades for his accomplishments and has been recognized for his contributions to the industry.

Notwithstanding his outcome in business, Surana is additionally known for his generous endeavors. He has been actively involved in social welfare programs and has made substantial contributions to various charitable organizations.

The splendor of Surana’s Bengaluru residence is evidence of his success and wealth. One of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods is where the property is, and its estimated value is quite high.

Dilip Surana is one of India’s most successful and wealthiest people because of his success in the pharmaceutical industry. He has become a respected and admired figure in the business world as a result of his contributions to the sector and charitable endeavors.

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