A recent case of Amudan Chemicals shows a video of a blast in the Dombivli chemical factory. It was because of the highly reactive chemicals found in the industry. We will share details about the increasing death tolls reported in the city. The police registered the incident as a case of culpable homicide against the founders. The debris is being cleared. The count of bodies found under the debris is still increasing. The count has now reached 10. The people there believe there are more people stuck under it at the moment.

Dombivli blast

Amudan Chemicals is a company located in Dombivli, Thane. The company made the food colour using highly reactive chemicals that led to the blast in the factory. The death count of people who died in the incident is increasing. It has currently reached 10. Thus, the count is still increasing. Thane chemical factory blast was heard from a long distance. As per the details, the blast was heard from a kilometer away as well. 

Apart from the ten deaths, 64 people are said to be injured. It also includes several women in the company. The people injured are taking their medication and treatment from different hospitals, including AIMS Dombivili, which has more than 24 patients from the accident. The bodies of the people who died were taken to the government hospital for a post-mortem to find out the actual scenario. Was it a homicide? Everyone is eager to know more about the details of the incident. 

The police are trying to figure out the exact matter through the ongoing investigation. The police of Manpada, Dombivili, registered the case under section 304A. The chemicals they used were reactive and not suitable. Thus, it can be harmful for anyone working inside the company. Maltri Pradeep Mehta, Malay Pradeep Mehta, and the company’s director have been registered under the case by the police as the suspected owners responsible for culpable homicide. 

According to the details, the company was not paying attention to the worker’s safety, and the chemicals used were not recommended. The food coloring company used peroxides, while the National Disaster Response Force does not recommend their usage. The Death Count is still increasing. The workers are working to clear the debris. The case is formed under several sections of the IPC. Thus, the seriousness of the case cannot be appreciated. The affected families of the victims have suffered a lot after the incident.

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