DoT (Department of Telecommunications) will survey MSMEs to better understand the problems faced by them in adopting 5g and 6g innovations. Telecommunications development is taking place at a high pace. 5G and 6G innovations ain complete action. The Telecommunications industry is eager to launch its high-tech and advanced services in the country. However, it is necessary to check how many of them are actually capable of taking these services. Thus, DoT will survey to know how many MSMEs can afford these services and what problems others are facing.

DoT Will Conduct MSME Survey To Check The Problems MSME Faces

DoT Will Conduct A Survey In MSME For 4.0 Applications

DoT (Department of Telecommunications) is looking forward to conducting a survey. The crucial thing is whether these MSMEs have enough resources to utilise the 5G and 6G services. The telecommunications industry will conduct a 60-day survey. Under this survey, DoT will have a look at the needs of each sector. They will target how much competition a sector has and how much growth can the sector get.

They will focus on providing their upgraded services to these sectors to contribute to further growth. The survey will also focus on understanding the demands of the challenges of the sector to adopt technologies like AI, IoT, and Cloud Computing, and the 5g and 6G networks will be tried to integrate into their day-to-day operations. The survey will help in building better solutions for the industry. Thus, there will be 10 sectors for the survey. 5 will be from North India and 5 will be from South India. Any sector company interested in giving this 60-day survey can submit proposals till 11 June 2024.

It includes the startups and the organizations as well. The survey will help a lot in understanding the real position of the different sectors of the economy. MSME is a growing segment and contributes the majority proportion of economic growth. However, the best thing is that the companies will grow with these initiatives. Small businesses will get access to the fine and latest technology. Several departments lack growth because they are not able to move with the moving trends. However, this will be an ideal situation and a great opportunity for small businesses.

In the end, DoT will start its survey soon. It will take almost 2 months to complete it. Thus, The survey will be helpful in 4.0 application in different sectors of the economy. The special focus will be on MSME in this survey. As we know, large enterprises are capable of adopting new technologies because of the available resources.

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