Chairman of SADC, Mr. Amar Singh Thakur meets the High Commissioner of Namibia and Lesotho in Delhi. The main purpose of the meeting was the promotion of small and medium enterprises in South India. A proper meeting took place in Delhi recently where several discussions took place regarding the growth of the India Africa Trade and small enterprises growth. Companies in Pharma and health care also play a crucial role in the growth.

SADC Council Chairman Meets High Commissioner Of Namibia In Delhi

Chairman Of SADC Mr Amar Thakur Met with the High Commissioner Of Namibia And Lesotho

The recent meeting of Mr Amar Thakur with the High Commissioner Of Namibia shows fruitful results. The world is also celebrating MSME Day. Thus, these meetings will play a significant role. There will be a lot of new initiatives for the small-scale industries’ growth. The next few months will focus on the increase in the relations between the African trade with SMEs. The South African region also has appreciable efforts in strengthening its bond with India and Namibia. MOU is the first Capital Bank in Malawi that gets signed.

Apart from South Africa, India and Namibia also have a strong connection with each other in trade. The India-Namibia Trade Commission is successful. Thus, the foundation is ready. It will assist both countries in making decisions accordingly. The next plan is to promote MSME business in these SADC countries. This way the MSME will be able to increase their business outside the country. Also, the countries in the council will get the benefits of development in their areas.

Both MSME and the SADC are working hard to get the best outcomes. Middle-income groups need the support that these plans focus on providing. Apart from that, initiatives for building a Cancer hospital will take place. Every gap and requirement that stops the collaboration will be worked upon. Indian-South African relations play a crucial role in the development of SMEs outside India. Mr Thakur is working to make the situation better every day.

This meeting takes place at the Federation of the Indian Exporters Organization. MSME contributes to half of the businesses in India. Apart from that, it also contributes to the economy of India. The government is supporting the MSMEs a lot. FIEO is reducing the gaps in the federation. In conclusion, the High Commissioner of Namibia and the Chairman of the SADC Council held a meeting in New Delhi. The meeting aimed to focus on the growth of the MSME.

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