Drone Deliveries are on a revolution. A few companies are already following the drone trend in quick commerce. There is a high possibility that drones will be a new delivery system of quick commerce by 2027. It might seem difficult to imagine drones delivering our parcels and our daily needs. However, drones now can deliver up to 10 kgs of the products. It can be difficult in the beginning. Let us understand the current scenario behind it.

Drone Delivery To Become New Trend In Quick Commerce

How Drone Delivery Can Change The Quick Commerce In Urban Areas?

Drone Delivery can change the quick commerce in the urban areas by 2027. The possibility is that 30% of the quick commerce delivery in tier 1 cities will be replaced by drone deliveries. Why the shift to drone delivery is preferred? The main reason behind the preference for this shift is more benefits in the drone delivery segment. The cost to operate drone delivery is comparatively less than operating delivery service through vehicles. Drone Delivery also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. India aims to become net carbon zero by 2047. This is another step that can contribute to achieving net carbon zero emission.

Drone deliveries will lead to 40-70% reduction in costs. On every 1,000 delivery, one can save 80 tonnes of carbon emissions. This initiative will reduce carbon emissions by 520 grams. Drone delivery will be helpful in several ways. Initially, these services were for vaccine delivery, an inspection of oil pipelines and power transmission lines, anti-locust operations, agriculture spraying, surveying mines, and land mapping. Shiprocket is a logistics unicorn company that started in August 2023.

The company delivers 5,000 deliveries every month in Gurugram. Managing Director, Saahil Goel mentions that drone deliveries will be helpful in the reduction of carbon emissions, cost reduction, and effective working. The companies starting this business are working on a trial basis. There are same-day delivery (SDD) and next-day delivery (NDD) practices. It increases the business efficiency. These drone practices are going on in the Gurugram. It will further expand in the broader areas of Gurugram, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru.

The drone delivery system will work based on sky pods. It will be locations where the drone will land. After that, it moved to the delivery address by the Skywalker. There are 70 mapped residential areas. While drones are only serving three communities. The practices are eco-friendly. Thus, Shiprocket and Ecom Express are moving further to make the services better. Ecom Express also successfully delivered 150-200 parcels.

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