Green Steel helps in saving the planet. It is the world’s first green steel. However, the question arises what is green steel? How does it help save the planet? Why it is becoming popular around the world? The specialization of green steel is that the main component in the making of green steel is Hydrogen. Let us have a deeper understanding of how this green steel works.

How Green Steel Can Help Save The Planet?

How Green Steel Can Help Save The Planet?

Green steel will be the world’s first steel that will contribute to saving the planet. Its speciality is that it is made from hydrogen rather than coal. SSAB is a prominent global steel company. Its major function will be that it will help in preventing carbon dioxide emissions by 10% in Sweden. The world uses steel for different purposes. It is manufactured using coke. It is a product of coal. How SSAB will use this new technology is another big question.

Green Steel is made from the new technology which is HYBRIT. The technology is a special combination that took efforts of years. Three companies contribute to this specially designed Green Steel. SSAB is one of them. The other two are the mining company LKAB and the power company Vattenfall. Green Steel’s demand has increased over time. The demand is rapidly growing.

SSAB is now planning to work actively on this HYBRIT technology. The company is planning to move further to take environment-friendly methods. Its major aim is to reach net zero by 2030. India plans to reach net zero by 2030 which is 15 years earlier than India’s plan. The company is not only having a higher vision but is also looking towards investing a high amount in the company. According to the sources, SSAB will be $4.5 Billion in the transaction.

This can make the planet safer. How it will promote a greener planet? The usage of green steel will help in cutting down 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. It will be a huge step in the history of sustainable development. SSAB mentions that green steel is a step that will take the world towards manufacturing fossil fuel-free solutions. A lot of companies are taking environment-friendly initiatives. It is a big change in the world which can create a positive impact on the world. How can the world adopt environment-friendly options? The best thing is adopting and creating more such fossil-fuel-free options. Stay tuned for more information.

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