Recently, this evening, many users have reported problems they are facing while using Instagram, Facebook, and other Meta-services. Many people got logged out of their accounts themselves, and many people found themselves posting or texting them on any of the Meta apps. Facebook and Instagram down news went into the headlines immediately after the unfortunate errors reported by the worldwide users of Meta Platforms.

Facebook and Instagram Down

People rushed to other social media apps, X (formerly known as Twitter), to see if they were the only ones suffering from this outage, whereas, on the other hand, many people thought their accounts had been hacked.

According to users, not only Facebook and Instagram are down, but so are well-known games like PokemonGo and other Meta products like Oculus. Users created memes on the server, which went down within a few minutes. WhatsApp has been working fine until now.

As of now, there are no official statements from Meta or any other sever-down company, and many speculations are in the market. Many people think this is a global cyber attack and cyber war is going to happen, but some people take it as normal and believe this is another normal server down in the Meta. 

While most social media apps are down, we need to understand life without smartphones and see things outside the smartphone. There is no confirmation from the companies as to when the applications will start working, so for now, you can spend time with your family or read some novels away from your smartphone.

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