The famous influencer who wrote the New York Best Seller Think Like a Monk book came into the spotlight. According to the report, all the things he mentioned in the book about his qualifications and past life are all lies.

Jay Shetty

The Guardian recently published a report about Jay Shetty, and the Guardian said in the report that all the claims Jay Shetty made were fake about him spending his summer vacation in India with monks.

Jay Shetty wrote a book about his life experience, “Think Like a Monk.” In the book, he said he spent his school summer vacation in India in a temple with many monks, and he wrote all those thoughts in the book. He also shared his experience with the monks of India and their behaviour.

In the book, Jay Sheety also said how he got educated and got to know his life goals after meeting the monks. According to the book, he got another revelation in which he got to know that his life purpose is to not only live a normal and humble life like a monk but to share all the knowledge he gained from them with the world.

The Guardian also objected to Jay Sheet’s academic qualifications and asked if he was done with all those degrees he claimed in his book. According to the report in the Guardian, Jay Sheet used someone else’s data to write his book and fabricated it quite well. Because of that report, Jay Sheet also claimed that his writing was plagiarism.

As of now, Jay Shetty has not commented on anything. On Instagram, he has more than 15 million followers. In his recent posts, people have asked him about the allegations and asked him to clear them as soon as possible.

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