Tuff Coat Polymers, a paint and primers company, catches fire on Wednesday. The building catches high flames of fire taking another two companies in the incident as well. The area is getting a lot of fire accidents. It is not the first time. The increasing fire incidents made the area’s head go through some safety discussions as well. However, it ends with basic safety advice. Every company must have a fire extinguishing system at their office. The increasing incidents show a lack of sincerity for these measures.

Fire Breakout in Tuff Coat Polymers in Ranje On Wednesday

Tuff Coat Polymers is a top player in paints, primers, and enamels. The company had its office in Ranje village which is located in Bhor, Pune. The area is in the headlines for increasing fire incidents in the factories and company’s offices. Tuff Coats catches fire on 27 March 2024, Wednesday. The area has other incidents of fire as well. The company’s fire flames reached so high that it is spreading even faster. Another two companies along with Tuff Coat also catch fire.

The video of the company under fire is going viral over the internet. People are speaking in the Marathi language in that video. Some people are also seen escaping from the building. The fire extinguishing systems and arrangements will soon control the situation. However, the fire is increasing and spreading over the area. The incident needs to be paid attention.

As per sources, the fire led to a loss of lakhs of rupees. The company’s loss figure will be cleared after the fire is managed. The sources mention that the fire is spreading to wider areas damaging the other companies. As Tuff Coats deals in paints and primers, there are more flammable chemicals in the company. It leads to fire becoming uncontrollable. Many of the people associated show carelessness leading to increasing cases in the area.

Ranje has other factories and companies in the area. The video shows a four-floor or higher building covered with 5-6 floors high flames. Along with the fire, the sky is full of black smoke. It is so massive that it’s visible from a long distance. Fire safety is a must in every big or small company. However, such incidents show that there are still many places where a lack of care and attention towards safety exists. Tuff Coat Polymers is one of the companies facing it today. However, it can happen anywhere and can be dangerous without safety measures.

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