The Baltimore Bridge Collapse takes place on 26 March 2024. The incident led to severe damage to the bridge. However, Joe Biden appreciates the Indian Crew for the Mayday Warning which saved lots of lives. The crew of the DALI ship had all the Indian members. We will share details about The Baltimore Bridge Collapse and its Mayday Warning below. The Baltimore Collapse creates a moment of appreciation for the crew that remained active during the voyage.

What Happened During the Baltimore Bridge Collapse in Maryland, USA?

The Baltimore Bridge Collapse took place when the DALI ship lost its control. The crew informs that they neither have controls nor power during the voyage. However, the ship continued at the same pace after a power loss as well. It collides with Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship had a crew of 22 members. They all are Indians. The ship was moving from Baltimore to Colombo. The ship’s collision with the bridge did not injure any of the crew members. The two pilots and the crew get out without any injury.

However, six workers are working on the bridge who are missing. The rescue team is trying to find them but is not able to have any clue. The rescue and search operation went on for 18 hours after the incident. The good thing was that the crew members’ Mayday warning about the ship control loss helped in saving a lot of lives. The police were able to stop the traffic coming to the bridge. The blockage prevented the vehicles from riding over the bridge and saved their life.

The people riding over the bridge during that time fell into the river. The rescuers saved 2 people. One was hospitalized but was discharged on the same day. The videos of this Baltimore Bridge Collapse is going viral on the Internet. It seemed like a real live-action sequence. However, the six people are still missing. As per reports, they are considered dead because of the prolonged periods of them being missing. Due to the inability of any individual to survive so much underwater, the hopes are lost. However, the team also thanked them for diving again to find their dead bodies.

President Joe Biden appreciates the Crew for the Mayday Warning and for saving the lives of 100s of people. The bridge has an important place in United States history. Its reconstruction will take a long time for sure. However, the reconstruction might begin with help from the Federal Reserve.

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