Four Chinese Tech Companies got blacklisted for helping China’s military. The companies were found guilty of supplying artificial intelligence chips to China. These chips were used to help the country in escalating and developing the military of the country. They are using it to plan more strategies. As we all know the US and America are already having some disputes. Thus, the United States needs to take this step. The US Commerce Department will be blacklisting these four companies.

Four Chinese Tech Companies Gets Blacklisted

US Commerce Department Blocked These Four Companies

The US Commerce Department will block around four Chinese companies to help the Chinese military get access to the Artificial intelligence chips. As we all know, AI is growing every day and every minute. Thus, having access to such an advanced technology can lead to any disruption or issue. There are four major companies Linkzol Technology Co, Xi’an Like Innovative Information Technology Co, Beijing Anwise Technology Co, and SITONHOLY Co., which the department banned.

These companies were a part of the new entities list of government. The company’s personnel transferred the information to China’s military. Thus, the US Commerce Department started taking additional steps for the security. For a long time, the country has been taking steps for the development of better systems to protect sensitive information from reaching in wrong hands.

On the other hand, China also replied to these raising allegations. As per China, the US wants to suppress Chinese companies from the growth. They mention that they don’t agree with the allegations as these are all to put the Chinese companies down. The US is becoming quite strict with these small movements.

It is taking care of every small detail and making the companies banned if they found any misuse of the sensitive information. Recently, the US banned another five companies that were assisting Russia in drone production for its interference in the Ukraine and Iran conflict. To conclude, the US is becoming more conscious about the usage of sensitive information. It is not allowing other companies to use it for any secret purposes.

They especially tightened the rules and regulations for sensitive information accessing unauthorized entities. The discussion is still going without any conclusion. Both countries have their own explanation. United States Department of Commerce banned Chinese companies for the protection of sensitive data. On the other hand, China mentions the move to be intentional to stop Chinese companies’ growth in the country. Stay tuned for more information.

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