Google is going to launch Gemini in 9 Indian languages. Gemini is the new name of Google’s chatbot, Bard. Its main function is similar to Chat GPT. It is designed to answer queries and help us with different tasks by making it easy. It includes writing a letter, a code, a poem, a resume, or anything advanced as well. Bard is now Gemini. It is available to use by searching Gemini or Bard on Google. The company now introduces its app also in multiple languages. Let us have details about its app below.

Google Launch Gemini App In 9 Indian Languages

Google Avails The Gemini AI App In 9 Indian Languages

Google AI App is now available in 9 Indian languages. These are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. The user can experience innovation and technology in his/her native language. As we all know, Google always keeps itself ahead in innovation. Google just changed its AI Chat bot name from Bard to Gemini. Thus, in the four months, the company launched its app as well. People use this app for different purposes. We will also discuss some real-life daily use cases of the app below.

The first question is where we can access the Gemini app? You can download it from your Play Store or app store by searching Google Gemini. The app is lightweight as it has an app size of a mere 1.1 MB. Google is becoming easier to use day by day. The company plans to integrate Gemini into Google Messages in India. The users will be able to chat with it for their solutions. However, the service in Google Messages will be available only for the Pixel and some Samsung devices. This is just a trailer, Google is yet to launch the picture. The company will soon launch its updated version which is Google Gemini 1.5 Pro. It will be much more powerful and will have the capability to take huge data of up to 1,500 words and hours of videos.

Here are some practical daily-life use cases of Google Gemini. It can be your guide and assistant quite well than a human. As a human being, we have limited data and knowledge. However, Gemini being an AI has data around the world. Thus, its solutions can benefit us more. It can be our career consultant for students, relationship consultant for those in need of relationship advice, coder for developers, and a how-to guide on any topic you are looking for.

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