The United States experts released a report recently that the next pandemic can be from Bird Flu with many times more impact and mortality rate than the coronavirus. According to the details, Corona Virus was having a mortality rate of just 0.6%. while the Bird Flu can have a mortality rate of up to 25% to 50%. It can happen at any time that experts also can’t predict. According to them, the next pandemic is just a matter of time. It will happen as soon as the virus becomes transferrable.

Will Bird Flu Be The Next Pandemic?

What Experts Say On the Next United States Pandemic?

Pandemic Experts from the United States mention that Bird Flu could be the next pandemic that can take place at any time. It will have a mortality rate between 25% to 50%. Thus, the predictions are from the Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bird Flu has some human cases. It is spreading from the cows. In the United States, there are three cases of Bird Flu. Apart from that, there are 15 cases worldwide.

The pandemic is likely to come when the virus attaches to human receptors. As soon as it has the five amino acids, it will become a pandemic that will spread from one human to another like Corona. The United States has three cases already. The virus is spreading from the cows. However, where did these cows get infected? The reports mention that there will be birds that infect the cows.

The Coronavirus pandemic led to a lot of difficulty around the world. There was difficulty in recovering. Offices shut down. Work loss and depression increased. People were at their homes. It took around 5 years to recover from its impact. However, bird flu can take longer for the humanity. It is a matter of time says the offcials.

In case of bird flu, we need to be more prepared with our healthcare department. However, the studies are going on. There is no complete knowledge about the disease and its cure. Corona Virus vaccine took more than a year to launch which was still not a cure. It was more of a precaution to strengthen our immunity against it. There is also no confirmation whether it transmits from one to another like corona or not. Apart from that, there was also a another variants of Corona whose rumors are spreading widely. We hope the things to be better. The research work is going on. It will be better to have precautions before it becomes another pandemic.

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