The Indian government is focusing on the expansion of PLI Schemes and providing more job opportunities. Modi 3.0 budget indicates more job opportunities. The PLI (Production Linked Incentive) scheme will expand to other sectors where it is not available yet. The toys and the furniture industry along with footwear can also be a part of it. Increasing job opportunities will lead to improvement in the living standards of the people. They will be able to have more opportunities in their field of expertise.

PLI Scheme in Union Budget 2024

Government Will Expand Its PLI Scheme To Provide More Opportunities

The government will expand its PLI scheme to provide benefits to other industries including the footwear, furniture, and toys industry. It will help in easing the manufacturing for several industries. It will also create jobs for the people. Modi government promises jobs in several segments. Thus, PM Modi is also on their 100-day challenge where he will be launching innovative plans for the country’s development.

There might be interest rates subsidised for housing loans. However, these are just assumptions at the moment. The panel is recently created. Thus, they will need more time to come up with the final plan and also the government will announce the budget next month in July. The pre-budget consultation will take place soon. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is on her way to completing her pre-budget tasks. She will be meeting several ministers to take input on the upcoming budget.

Apart from that, the GST council is also going to take place soon. According to the details, the government is expecting to cover the PLI scheme for segments like speciality chemicals, footwear, toys, etc. There are no clarifications related to MSMEs yet. However, the probability is that the government will support small businesses as MSME contributes to half of the country’s economy.

The country has witnessed fewer job opportunities in the past few years. It also led to less number of votes in Modi’s support. People demand more inclusion of women in the jobs along with an increase in their income levels. However, the government will now work on increasing jobs and women’s empowerment. According to them, women are their main focus. Thus, they will pay attention to the demands and proposals for women’s development. Several jobs discriminate in salary for women and men working in the same position. Thus, this scenario needs to be changed to provide complete support to women by paying them an equal salary for equal work.

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