The Google Wallet App launched successfully in India after running for a long time in other countries. Many people are having confusion after the launch of the app. Will Google Pay discontinue after the release? The answer to the question is No. Google Pay will remain functional. What is the purpose of Google Wallet then? We will share details about the purpose of Google Wallet and the difference between these two apps below. Let us explore more about the Google Wallet app below.

Google Wallet

What Is The Purpose Of Google Wallet App?

The purpose of the Google Wallet app is to keep private details like ID, payment card passes, tickets, and keys safe. The app will be majorly for non-payment purposes in India. It will be useful to keep track of all the digital information you entered in Google in one place in a safe manner. The app will have different functionality than Google Pay. It will not be replacing Google Pay sooner or later.

People use Google Pay for different types of transactions. However, Google Wallet will be used for accessing payment cards, passes, tickets, keys, or IDs whenever needed. Google Wallet app will be helpful in events when a person urgently needs to access important information as mentioned above.

Google Pay is a widely used app. It started a long ago as a non-upi payment system. It was first known as Google Wallet. Starting in 2011, it continued as Google Wallet. It merged with Android Pay in 2018 to create Google Pay. Later, Google Tez was introduced specially for UPI payments. It also converted to Google Pay. While Google Pay for India was working with UPI. Google Pay for the World was working on other modes.

Google renamed Google Pay for the world into Google Wallet. The company will be working on the betterment of the app. Thus, it can be helpful for the company to launch the app in the country as India has a huge user base of Google users. Almost every household uses some or the other product from Google.

Google will already pre-install Google Wallet on its smartphone Pixel all versions from now. Apart from that, it is available on the Play Store as well. The company will further collaborate with other big names for promotions and increasing usage of the app. Companies like PVR INOX, Flipkart, Air India, Shoppers Stop, and Ixigo will be a few partnering with Google for the app. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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