Supreme Court mentions that all celebrities and influencers should act responsibly while doing endorsements. They should take responsibility for the products they endorse. We will share details about the current commands by the Supreme Court after the increasing cases of misleading ads. Recently, we saw the case of misleading ads by Patanjali. It added several products banned by the government. Let us dive deep into the case to know more about the background behind these controversies.

Influencers And Celebrities Should Take Responsibility For The Products They Endorse, Says Supreme Court

Influencers And Celebrities Needs To Pay Attention To The Products They Endorse, Mentions Supreme Court

Influencers and Celebrities often engage in the endorsement of products and services that are harmful to the government unintentionally. Supreme Court commands that any influencer or celebrity endorsing any product or service must have a look at the possible negative impacts of the product. Supreme Court mentions focusing especially on food products. A recent controversy over Patanjali is going viral.

The company has several products banned in the country. The company was promoting its products through misleading ads that claimed even full recovery from diseases like Diabetes. It is just an example. There are many other incidents recorded as well. Food is an essential category. It is very important to know whether it is safe for consumption or not as it will directly impact the body.

Influencers and Celebrities promote different variety of products. However, it can lead to a financial or health-related loss of an individual. Apart from that, it will also break the trust of people in the influencer or celebrity. The people think that they are only here for their benefit.

They also lose their genuine followers after this. Thus, taking the right action will be beneficial for all. Patanjali is also facing the consequences. Ministry of Consumer Affairs will take special care of it. The change can be brought through self-restricting such ads’ endorsements or a strict rule for practicing it.

Many influencers also promote some gambling apps for the money. To conclude, the Supreme Court commands the influencers and celebrities to be responsible for the endorsements they choose. Select products that will not harm the people, especially food products. These steps can prevent several people from losing. The court announces this decision on 7 May 2024. It is applicable from the moment it is approved in the court. We hope you get enough details about the Supreme Court’s new commands above. Stay tuned for more information.

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